“Blue Balls”

What Does Blue Balls Mean?
Do Testicles Turn Blue?

Many teenage guys and girls wonder what the term "Blue Balls" means. I first heard of it when I was a teen too, but didn't know what it meant until someone told me (it was probably a guy).

To the male readers: You may have noticed a distinct bluish tinge to your testicles after you “make out” or are sexually aroused for several hours -- and the deep, uncomfortable ache that goes along with it. This is the result of pelvic congestion, when more blood and lymph flows into the genitals (during sexual arousal) than flows out; and, when it remains in the genitals for an extended period of time, then it CAN cause discomfort and aching. If there is no release, the area remains engorged. Without any outflow, men may feel slight discomfort in the testes, which are very sensitive to these kinds of changes. Some guys do not actually 'turn blue', but feel the discomfort and ache.

Actually, it's not your testicles that are blue; it's the skin of the scrotum. When you're aroused blood flows not only to the penis, but to the entire area. The longer you stay aroused, the longer the blood stays there. Newer blood is red, but older blood, which has less oxygen, is darker red, but not really blue -- but that's why your testicles appear to contain more blue blood. There is fresh blood in there also, do not fear. Orgasm does alleviate blue balls. If there is no orgasm, however, the erection, blood flow and aches will subside.

By the way, "blue balls" sometimes have been used as a way for males to pressure females into having sex, or into getting them off. Now ladies, don't feel pressured into this old scam, you can refuse AND boys can always masturbate (with or without you). You should never be pressured into having sex! Never, never, never!!!  End of that lecture.

It's not harmful to get blue balls, so don't run to the emergency room. If the condition lasts for hours or days after you've stopped being sexually aroused, then see a health care professional.

Maybe the "take a cold shower" advice that fathers or other guys have given to males over the years may help the situation. Just a guess. The cool water of the shower would stimulate new warm blood to the scrotum. Try it and let us know. Or ask some guy friends if that works for them. Oh, it's worth mentioning that guys don't get "blue balls" every time they get aroused and do not ejaculate. If you don't get this "condition" that is okay too. Over time you'll know your own body better.


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