How To Know If She Is Faking An Orgasm - Here Is Something You Have Always Wanted To Know
By Pushpa Pal Singh

It's a known fact that a lot of women out there tend to fake orgasms on a regular basis, but in some cases it can be devastating as it means that you are not able to satisfy her and you are not meeting her needs in bed due to which she is faking it constantly. Some women are so effective that you will never come to know that she is faking her orgasms. So how to catch it? There are some secrets using which you can easily find out whether she is faking it or not. Read on to discover what these secrets are and catch her red handed.

She's breathing normally- Now why would this happen when she has orgasmed? It's a known fact that women breathe heavily when they are about to or have already reached an orgasm due to the level of intensity and excitement. Therefore if she is not breathing hard after the whole deal then she probably faked it.

She doesn't seem worn out and is full of energy- This is another strong sign that she faked her orgasm. You see an orgasm requires a lot of energy and physical effort due to which women normally are worn out. If you see that she is fresh as ever even after the whole deal is done then she faked her orgasm.

She starts doing things immediately after you are done- Another great way of finding it whether she faked it or not is to see what she does after sex. Normally if she faked it she would get on with things and would be as energetic as ever. At the same time she would not show any emotion as if sex is a regular thing for her and would treat it as a routine.

An absolute must know for you- This secret is an absolute must know for you no matter what. This is the grand daddy of all which would give you the ultimate power to become a magnet towards which every woman would be attracted.

Why do woman fake orgasms, who knows? Just ask her. Maybe she needs help with her libido.

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