Female Ejaculation

There is a some disagreement whether or not there really is a form of 'female ejaculation'. We believe it is real. Two women of the staff of Sex Ed 101 interviewed just over 100 women and 80 percent of them admitted to having this experience. No, that's not a "scientific study", but food for thought.

Female ejaculation is believed to be caused by a release of fluid from the Skene's glands. These glands are located inside the urethra. The Skene’s gland is similar to the prostate gland in men. It produces a fluid that is similar to the chemical composition of prostatic fluid -- which is what makes up the majority of semen. (It’s possible that some urine may leak out during sex from pressure on the bladder for some women. This is not to say that ejaculation fluid is urine). When 'nonscientific' lab tests were done on fluid produced from from the Skene’s gland and during female ejaculation, it was determined to not be urine at all.

Some women may produce greater amounts of fluid from these glands than others, which explains why some women seem to gush during an orgasm while others many do not. But, even if a women does have some fluid periodically, no one “gushes” as some x-rated sites might claim. (Our apologies in advance to the people who have claimed that).

Keep in mind, not all women will have the capability of ejaculating or certainly not every time they have intercourse. It's not something that takes place every time a female experiences an orgasm either, so it does not reflect the quality or enjoyment of the sexual experience.

The amount of fluid that flows out can go from a few drops to a few tablespoonfuls. Stimulating a female’s G-Spot may be a way to help her ejaculate. This will vary from person to person. For more on female orgasms, see that page.

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