French Kissing Mistakes
Are You Making These 3 Fatal Mistakes?
By Megan Zoile

In this article we are going to talk about French kissing techniques, and how to make sure you are actually doing it well with YOUR partners. Simply stated, there is nothing worse than French kissing someone who is way out of control, unskilled, or even uncouth.

You can actually tell a lot about a person by how they kiss, and because the French kiss is the most intimate kind there is, it can be that much more incredibly revealing than it's more subtle siblings. Lets take a moment and point out the 3 biggest mistakes most bad kissers make, and if you think you are one of them, I'll give you some resources to improve at the end. Ready? Great, read on..

1) Overly Pushy and Aggressive. French kissing is like a dance. A waltz of love, lust and exploration. The biggest faux pais you can make is to simply be overbearing when doing it. It's almost guaranteed to keep all intimate activity from moving ahead if you do, and if it doesn't, your partner will most definitely be placing you in the ignominious "bad kissing" bin of past partners. Ouch!

2) Doing it in public. Yuck! Everyone loves a couple who loves each other. Affection is really a great sign that you are a caring and compassionate and interesting human being. But don't French kiss in front of your friend, or family, EVER. I don't care how drunk you are, no one wants to see your tongue in public. Trust me.

3) Bad oral hygiene. Yes, this is HUGE! Did you know that men and women both complain in private about this one? Very true, ESPECIALLY after a long night of drinking, or smoking cigarettes. Hey - do everyone a favor and grab a piece of gum or a tic tac if you are going to be getting it on with that hottie at the bar, or if you are to the bathroom and brush your teeth! This will up your kissing quotient one full point alone if you follow this cool kissing etiquette, I promise!

There you have it! Three quick and easy tips for you. Of course there are many more if you want to be a great French kisser, but these mistakes will kill your mojo quicker than anything else, so if you are guilty as charged... you've been warned! Read on below for more great kissing tips and techniques!

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