Learn How to Really Kiss a Woman!
By Maurice Tate

Have you ever asked ten women how they really like to be kissed? I did this the other week and was surprised about the feedback.

One of the most valuable things I have learned in kissing is to first check out if she really wants to be kissed.

I do a few things to check this out. I observe my date’s body language and see if she is facing me, exposing a leg or touching her hair etc.

Once you get a feeling that your date could be interested in kissing you, I like to touch her hair lightly and say, you have great hair. Maybe then I very lightly run my fingers up the back of her hair. Women love a very light touch on any part of their bodies.

Eye contact is very important. This brings you closer together and more intimacy develops. The eyes bring presence and energy to the relationship.

When I touch, I like to be very present in my hand and enjoy the touch inside myself. I do not touch to turn her on, as she will pick up on this. If I feel energy in touching she will pick this up and respond too.

Another thing I do sometimes is to touch her face very lightly and look into her eyes. I lightly grab her hair and pull slightly. I have had women dissolve from doing this.

Most women like you to take the lead. This shows you are a confident man. Wussy behavior is to ask for a kiss. Visit my site www.bodyecstatic.com for more tips on kissing.

So hopefully the stage is set now for a kiss. Start gently with no tongue and then stop kissing her and pull away. This is a great tease and lets the women know you are in control and not needy. Wait till she really wants your tongue inside and no sloppy kisses please.

Most men try to use their tongue too soon and I have talked to many women about this and they hate it. Another turn off is sloppy kissing.

Bad breath is another real turn off. Clean your teeth before dating and use a mouthwash and tongue scraper. What food you eat can also influence your breath. Garlic is a no no on a date, unless she is eating it too.

Gentle and soft is best to start. Talk again and then kiss and she will respond more. Tease her again and sometimes she will get so turned on she will grab you and want to take over from there.

Have fun with your next kiss.

Mauice Tate is a qualified sexologist trained at the Advanced Institute of Sexology. To improve your relationships go to Free Sex Tips: http://www.bodyecstatic.com

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