Multiple Orgasms

Too much of a good thing? What’s better than having one orgasm? Having two!

Men might not be aware that women have the ability to experience many orgasms in a very short amount of time because the male body is simply not wired this way. Men need a rest period (resolution period) between orgasms before they can have another one. This amount of time varies from man to man. See "Male Orgasm" for more on the stages of orgasm.

So, men take note – every woman has the ability to achieve multiple orgasms.

Anyone who has one orgasm has the potential to have another-- it’s not some fluke of nature that just a select few experience. Multiple orgasms may be more difficult to achieve, but that’s when the man’s role comes into play…

A woman’s ability to be multi-orgasmic depends on many factors that you can help her with:
• Her comfort level (with partner and with surroundings)
• Her energy-level (level of stress and fatigue)
• The sexual technique or position being used

Create a comfortable atmosphere, make sure she’s stress-free, and ask her which position helps her achieve orgasm best. Talk about it.

Now, in order to help your girlfriend or wife become multi-orgasmic, it is important to be aware of the two types of multiple orgasms that she can experience…
1. Sequential Multiples
• A series of climaxes that come close together (2-10 minutes apart)
• There is an interruption in arousal before the first and second orgasm
• Common scenario for this type is oral sex climax followed by climax in intercourse

2. Serial Multiples
• Orgasms come one after the other (separated by seconds without interruption in arousal)
• Occurs during intercourse when all the right spots are being stimulated (like the clitoris and or , G-Spot)

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