Oral Sex Tips for Men
By Kevin Davies

Cunnilingus Tips:

Take a shower or bath together first. This will help make things taste and smell better.

Be Enthusiastic
Don’t go down on her unless you really want to. Women can tell if you’re less than enthusiastic.

Start slowly
Avoid going for her clitoris right away. Tease her first. Lick around her clitoris. Remember, when starting out too little is better than too much.

Use your ears as well as your mouth and tongue. Listen to her moans of pleasure. Ask her to let you know what she likes.

When using your tongue on her vulva try writing the letters of the alphabet with your tongue using a continuous motion. The letters “Z” and “N” can be especially enjoyable for her.

Make Some Noise
Let her know how much you’re enjoying giving her head. Do it with enthusiasm!

Her Clitoris
When she is ready lick and suck her clitoris. Remember though that some women cannot handle direct contact on their clitoris even when they’re really excited.

You can give her different feelings by using your tongue in different ways. A flat tongue will give her a feeling like a soft caress. A rigid tongue will give more direct and firm stimulation.

Don’t Stop
In general women like steady stimulation. So don’t stop, especially when she’s about to climax.

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