How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend - Or More Specifically, Exactly What to Say
By Duncan Roberts

Many women get hit by the need to talk dirty to their boyfriend. Either because your boyfriend has asked you to directly, or have gently hinted that they'd like you to do it or maybe they've been less than subtle and like a bolt out of the blue they hit you between the eyes the last time you were making love with the utterance "talk dirty to me baby".

Whatever the reasons you're looking to learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend, the honest answer is that it is not hard really.

Sure, you might be struggling with the two largest issues surrounding talking dirty, namely embarrassment or uncertainty as to what to say but you can do this.

The embarrassment of talking dirty out loud is an issue we've already covered in another article about talking dirty. This piece is to answer the actual "How To....." part of the problem.

Working on the fairly safe assumption that you know how to talk, the real issue is not so much "How to..." but "What to...." As in what to say, what words to speak?

This is where you're knowledge of your boyfriend will be needed. Men being fairly base creatures, a certain amount of generalization and assumption can be made (especially when it comes to all matters sex!) so what we need to do is shape and tweak your dirty talk to suit your man's sexual interest levels.

After all, there is little point in you talking about an element of sex that he finds to be a turn off. No surer way to an early end to any fun and games has been invented!

Ask yourself the following question: When my boyfriend and I make love, what do we do? What positions do you enjoy, what pre and post activities get you both raring to go? If you now your fella really well, what fantasies does he have, what comments has he made over the months or years that show an interest in a specific aspect?

As and when you can answer this base question will determine what you say. Let's take an example: You know that your boyfriend loves to see you in feminine underwear, frilly and light. Use that as the basis of what you'd say.

For example: "Do you know what I'd like to do for you right now? I'd like to go and have a bath, relax and make myself all soft and clean. Then I could put on some special underwear for you. What would you like to see me in - any favorite piece?"

Then let him answer - and this is important. He needs to think about this because by him thinking about his answer, he will automatically start to think about what happens beyond your dressing for him. He starts to paint a mental image of the two of you together. This is your extra special 'Joker' to play. You are getting him to drive what you need or can say by his actions and response.

Once he has answered - you can either go and have an actual bath or, if it's not the right time just then, you can just put the selected garments on and then ask him "What would you like to do to me now if I let you?"

Again - let him think and answer. All you need to do then is take his answer, imagine it in the context of you and in together and talk him through what you think would happen!

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