Can I Get Pregnant if...

This is a question I get asked often from readers email's. It stuns me at times to see that sex education in the USA is so poor that teens and twenty year olds don't know the answers to these commonly asked questions. I’m not making fun of anyone, but I think it ’s important to talk about this openly and hopefully clear up any myths or misconceptions. I will explain the answers with more detail on the pages to follow. But for now..

Can I get pregnant during unprotected sex if the guy pulls out before he ejaculates.

YES! Of Course!

Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period.


Can I get pregnant while having sex in the shower or bath, or hot tub.


Condoms are 100% safe.


Can I get pregnant while taking birth control pills?

YES, it you miss one of don't take it the same time every day!

It's safe to have sex as soon as you're on the pill

WRONG! Depo-provera works right away, not the pill. You need an entire month of the pill before it is effective. See Depo provera.

Can I get pregnant if I miss one pill?


Can I get pregnant using the sponge with a spermicide.


Can I get pregnant from "dry humping?"

No, But.. Not if you are wearing clothes. Otherwise, it's not impossible, but maybe one person out there did. See Sex FAQs, where I wrote more on this topic.

For GYN health - see that useful area.

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