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Page One

What is an Erection?

What is “Dry Sex”?
What is Oral Sex?
Masturbating And Period?
Erections During the Day?

Virgin with Tampon?

Doctor for Birth Control?

Hymen Confusion

Oral Sex & Pregnany?

Page Two

What is an Erection?
What is Oral Sex?

Erections During the Day. Is this Normal?

Do I Have To Go To The Doctor for Birth Control?

Oral Sex & Pregnany?

Page Three
What is sperm made of?
If I miss a birth control pill?
When to see a gynecologist?
How many eggs does a woman have?


Get Info on Ikawe for Improved Male Sexual Performance

UTI-Clear for UTI, Bladder Infections, Cystitis and Urethritis

Page Four
Urinary tract infections from oral sex?
Lesbians and annual pap smear.
Skin on scrotum is getting darker.
Dry vagina and uncomfortable sex or foreplay.

Page Five
Guys have a “female part” - is this true?
Are vaginal secretions normal?
Can we have sex during pregnancy, or will it hurt the baby?
White discharge and itchy “down there”, is this yeast?

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