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Gynecology and Your GYN Health

Women need to be in tune with the cycles and rhythms of their bodies to achieve a full, meaningful level of physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Playing an active role in one’s own health care regimen is paramount to a woman’s well-being.

Until recently, most women were taught to be passive patients, relying almost exclusively on male physicians for advice, information, and treatment. They learned not to ask too many questions, not to disagree with medical advice, and not to seek outside information.

As recent as a generation ago most women didn’t fully understand their own menstrual cycle, or know what their own vagina looked like. This lack of knowledge made them vulnerable to believing many myths. Without knowledge about their anatomy and function, they were unprepared to make important choices--such as how to take care of vaginal infections, what type of birth control to use, or how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

If you stay in-tune with your body you’ll recognize when something is wrong.

An accurate health history is vital to your GYN health. Be honest when answering questions about your health. Ask questions until you get answers, don’t feel embarrassed by asking questions. Remember, your health care providers are your hired consultants and you have the right to expect good service. Knowing how to talk to health care providers is an also an important part of taking care of yourself.

If you are not comfortable with your health care provider, or do not like the treatment you are receiving from them, do not hesitate to find new ones. They don't have to be your best friend, but you need to be able to trust.

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