This hormonal method of birth control is available only by prescription in the United States. A hormone is injected into the buttock or arm every 13 weeks to prevent pregnancy. It is often called "the shot". The shot contains progestin which prevents ovulation. See Depo-Provera.

A dome-shaped piece of that latex that fits inside the vagina to cover the opening of cervix. It acts as a barrier so sperm do not enter the cervix. It must to be used with contraceptive jelly or cream to be effective. A women needs to be 'fitted' by a health care provider before it is “prescribed”. It is not available over the counter, but your gynecologist or a women's clinic may provide one for a woman after a physical exam and “fitting” for one. See Diaphragm for more.


Dildo: Dildos are shaped like penises and used for vaginal or anal penetration to simulate intercourse. Dildos have been around for centuries and have been used by people of many nations and cultures, from ancient China to Rome, to enhance sexual pleasure.

Dominance and Submission (D and S):
Erotic activities that play out fantasies of power and powerlessness.

A solution spray of water and vinegar or water and medication that is used inside the vagina. Available over the counter or your health care provider may recommend you use one for medical reasons. Not a treatment for an STD.

Painful sexual intercourse.




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