Ectopic Pregnancy:
A pregnancy that develops outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube. A spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) may occur, but most often the fetus will grow large enough to burst the fallopian tube. Prompt surgery is necessary to remove the damaged tube, the fetus, and to control the bleeding. This is a life-threatening emergency.

Egg (Ovum):
The mature reproductive cell in women and the largest cell in the human body. Ovum is the plural of ova, btw.

The moment when semen ejects out of the of the penis. (it also means: to utter suddenly as in to exclaim.)

Emancipated Minor:
A minor who has legal autonomy and usually lives on her or his own without financial support from parents or guardians.

An organism that develops from the pre-embryo and begins to share the mother's blood supply about nine days after fertilization. Also: (An organsism in its earliest stages of development).

Emergency Contraception:
The use of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. Not to be confused with birth control pills, but available only by prescription and under a physician's supervision in the United States.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception:
The use of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse.

The lining of the uterus that develops every month to prepare for the possibility of nourishing a fertilized egg. The lining is shed during menstruation if there no fertilization occurs that month.

The tube in which sperm mature. It is tightly coiled on top of and behind each testis and feels kind of rubbery or sometimes lumpy

An inflammation of the epididymis.

Erectile Dysfunction:
The inability to become erect or maintain an erection.

A "hard" penis when it becomes full of blood and stiffens.

Erogenous Zone:
Any area of the body very sensitive to sensual touch.

That which is sexually arousing.

Sexually arousing imagery that is not considered pornographic, obscene, or offensive to the average person.

A hormone produced in a woman's ovaries.

Estrous cycle:
The regular female reproductive cycle of most mammals (and humans too).

The belief that one's own culture, or ethnic group is superior to anothers.

The body's physical response to desire and to stimulation. The second stage of the sexual response cycle.

A paraphilia in which sexual arousal becomes dependent on exposing the sex organs to those who will be surprised.

Women or men who expose their sex organs to other people without their consent; usually in public places.



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