Fallopian Tube:
Also known as the oviducts they are a pair of tubes that extend from the upper uterus out toward the ovaries (but not touching them), through which ova (eggs) travel from the ovaries toward the uterus every month and in which fertilization of the ovum takes place.

A sexually arousing thought or mental image.

Oral sex performed on a man. Stimulation of the penis using the lips, mouth, or tongue. This may or may not be continued to orgasm, and the partner may or may not swallow the ejaculate.

Female Circumcision:
The practice of removing a girl’s clitoral hood, clitoris, and/or the labia; often called female genital mutilation. This is practiced in some African, Near Eastern, and Southeast Asian cultures.

Female Ejaculation:
Female ejaculation is believed to be caused by a release of fluid from the Skene's glands. These glands are located inside the urethra.

Female Genital Mutilation:
Female circumcision.

Having qualities or characteristics that a culture associates with being female.

The joining of an egg and sperm.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:
Fetal abnormalities affecting the central nervous system and characteristic facial features that are caused by women consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

A paraphilia in which certain objects, substances, or parts of the body become necessary for sexual arousal. SeeWhat is a Sexual Fetish?”

The organism that develops from the embryo at the end of about seven weeks of pregnancy and receives nourishment through the placenta.

The observance of promises, especially of sexual faithfulness.

Physical and sexual stimulation (kissing, touching, stroking, etc.) that occurs in the excitement stage of the sexual response before intercourse or without intercourse. Foreplay can lead to orgasm without intercourse, in which case it can be called outercourse.

A retractable fold of skin that covers and protects the glans of the penis.

Sexual intercourse between unmarried people.



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