Kegel Exercise:
Kegels are a series of exercises where the pelvic muscles are tightened repeatedly to strengthen them. The pubococcygeal muscles are the muscles used. They help with premature ejaculation and female vaginal tightness. See Kegel Exercises for more.

A date-rape drug that can produces amnesia and blackouts. It is only used legally in the United States as a veterinary tranquilizer. Possession of Ketamine in the United States is illegal. The effects of ketamine may only last an hour or less, but a person's senses, judgment, and coordination may be affected for 18 to 24 hours.

Slang for sexual activity that is considered to be outside from the norm.

A paraphilia in which sexual arousal is dependent upon stealing.

A paraphilia where a person derives sexual pleasure from incense.

A morbid fear of the female genitals.

KY® Jelly:
A water soluble lubricant often used during sexual activity or during a GYN or rectal exam.
KY® is a registered brand name owned by Johnson and Johnson.



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